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  2. Choose your playing field
  3. Type a name
  4. Choose your WOW letters
  5. Choose your frame

Check out our new signature art which is a popular coach gift or signing board for any group event.   Unique Name Art Gifts for a special athlete.   An extraordinary Gift of Art for someone with a passion for Golf, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer or Running.

Do you need a unique gift for the special athlete, sports fan, coach or soccer mom in your life? What if you could find something that recognized someone's passion or talent and could be treasured for years to come? Imagine if you could personalize the gift, make it unique and have a hand in its creation? With the advances of digital photographic art and computer technology it is now possible to create that special gift. We make it easy for you. Whether it's for the adult or child athlete, sports enthusiast, team award or that special coaches gift, now there is a way to solve some of the hardest gift giving problems.

We, at Letters that WOW, developed the digital letter art and perfected the underlying technology to help you create a truly extraordinary sports gift. You start by choosing a sport and a background image. Then comes the fun part! You personalize the art with the name of the athlete or team by picking really unique sports letters. The computer combines your choice of letter art and background images into a single high resolution photographic image which is printed on canvas and framed. Try It! We currently have unique letter art for golf, baseball, football, soccer and basketball. You'll see how easy it is and why each gift is truly unique.